Late night study treat? Yes, please

Finals season‘ is descending upon students at Cal Poly. Countless hours are being spent in the Lib as students study and stress over classes. However, a new business in San Luis Obispo is helping cure these ‘finals blues’. Insomnia Cookies, located on Chorro Street, allows customers to order warm, delicious cookies online and have them delivered to where ever they are! Besides the delivery feature, a huge convenience is the business’s late hours. Insomnia Cookies is open and delivers till 3 am, perfect for students who are pulling all-nighters at the Lib and need a sugar pick-me-up at 2 am.

Insomnia Cookies offers offers a variety of cookie options, ranging from the classic Chocolate Chunk to a more ‘Deluxe’ S’mores flavor. Customers can order cookies a la carte, or in boxes of 6 or more. Insomnia Cookies also sells ice cream and cookie cakes, creating a greater range of buyers’ cravings to be satisfied.

Second year mechanical engineering student, Oliver Neumann, said that “just this week, [he] ordered Insomnia three times.” He called it “the perfect late night snack” to get him through writing his final paper.

Started in a college dorm at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Insomnia Cookies was made for college students. Founder, Seth Berkowitz understood the late-night cravings that many students face and decided to make a business out of it.

With an easy-to-navigate smartphone app and website, customers are able to order hot, fresh cookies within minutes with ease. After placing an order, the company will then give you an estimated delivery time and you get to continue working as your delicious treat makes its way to you!

Second year wine and viticulture major, Sarah Cantor, said that “Insomnia is convenient and perfect for nights when [she’s] too lazy to drive for food”.


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